Installation Instructions

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Installation is quick and simple.

  Wiring your new Thermalblade Heated Wiper Blades

  1. Find a location within 5 feet of the vehicle battery and use screws or Velcro to mount the Electronic Control Module (ECM).
  2. Plug in the supplied Wire Harness to the ECM and connect the red wire to the battery positive terminal and black wire to battery negative terminal.
  3. The Thermistor, a small temperature sensor on the end of two conductor wires, must be positioned and secured behind the grill or in another location that will sense outside air temperature and will not be affected by engine or radiator heat.
  4. Route the remaining two sets of wires under the vehicle cowl from the engine compartment, one set to each wiper arm base and up along the wiper arm, ensuring that no moving parts interfere with the wiring. Use the cable ties supplied and securely fasten to the wiper arm. If possible, route the wire though the tensioning spring on the wiper arm. This keeps the wire neatly in place and centered on the arm.
  5. Install each wiper to the arm using the adapter provided. If using the heated squeegee, plug the end of the wire harness into the waterproof connector on the Heated Squeegee Module. If using the non-heated squeegee, insert the weather plug (supplied with the Unheated Squeegee) into the wire harness end to ensure it does not become damaged by the elements.

Operation of the Electronic Control Module (ECM) 

The ECM is a self-contained electronic control module including diagnostics for the operation of ThermalBlades. Once power is connected, the ECM is placed into stand-by mode. Two conditions need to be met for the ECM to activate power to the heating element: 

1. The engine must be running, and

2. The outside temperature is less than +4° C plus/minus 2° C(39° F plus/minus 4° F).

Once these two conditions are met, the ECM will send power to the heating element and the Thermalblade wiper will begin to heat. When the engine is shut off, the ECM will interrupt power to the wiper ensuring no battery drain while the vehicle is off. The ECM is independent from the vehicle’s computer system to ensure universal compatibility for any 12v vehicle.

Troubleshooting instructions can be found here.