Wipers not heating? 

Check the Electronic Control Module (ECM). What lights are blinking? 

ECM LightMeaningSolution
Green SolidHas power and heating correctlyNone required
Green FlashingHas power but not cold enough

It will turn on at 39 degrees or lower

No LightsNo power

Start engine, check wiring connection confirm volts are 12.8 or higher

No Lights & Hot ECMPossible positive and negative wires crossed

Check wiring/replace Heated Squeegee

Single Red FlashingOpen or shorted circuit in the heating element

Check wiring/replace Thermistor

Alternating Red FlashingOpen or shorted circuit in the Thermistor

Check wiring

Why are my wipers streaking? 

  • Make sure the gray plastic covering is removed.
  • Wipe off squeegee with rubbing alcohol and a rag.
  • Check squeegee by running your finger along it to feel for defects.