I drive all over the north including Canada, no more stopping to bang the blades and breakup the ice.

Rigby Idaho
United States

I am a believer! Thermalblades are on all my personal and company vehicles.

Clovis New Mexico
United States

A common complaint by the plow drivers is how the snow blows up over the plow and ices up the windows and the windshield wipers. Continually the wipers freeze to where they can no longer effectively clear the windsheild of snow and ice and any amount of windshield wiper fluid becomes ineffective. The driver must pull off the road, get out of the ten ton plow truck and crawl up the side to clean off his wipers. This is a delay in travel time and also productive snow plowing time besides being a safety hazzard.

The comments from all the snow plow drivers were very positive, everyone of them said they no longer had to stop and clean the wipers, vision was improved, and they used about half of the wiper fluid. I was pleased with the performance of the Thermalblades and will be adding them to the rest of the plowing fleer. I believe they would also be a very good product for our bus fleet. The wipers will help bus operators with increased vision and possibly help lower our winter accident rates.

Cleveland Ohio
United States

Love this product! Great for the cold Canadian winters!

Ben Lester
Regina, Saskatchewan

We have installed these blades on the driver’s side of 2 of our school busses. We have had a problem with that side icing up in bad weather. The 2 units with the blades installed did not ice up, and seemed to clean the windshield better than any other blade we have tried in the past.

Shop Supervisor
Buffalo NY

 I have had Thermalblades on my car since February 2014, which by the way was the worst winter in Ontario in decades. Our temperature ranges from -30C (-35F) to a day today at +31C (90F) and my wiper blades work just as good at all temperatures. This past winter with driving snow and freezing rain, it was almost unnoticeable when I was driving as the heat kicked on the wiper blades immediately, clearing my windshield without me even knowing there was an issue with all the other cars on the road. Today, the blades are 8 months old and performing with a great silicon screen on my glass that repels water in the simplest of ways. This is not just a wiper blade with heat, it is an all season blade with better clearing abilities than any weather can throw at me.

Awash Systems has customers across North America in every transportation services industry imaginable. Our product line was complimented by supporting the ThermalBlade product line. Never have we had such a great product that is easily accepted by our customer base as ThermalBlade has become.

Toronto, Ontario

I have been using the 2nd generation Thermalblade wipers for almost one year. The installation was easy
with the two wire hookup, and the universal adapter fit perfectly. Through the winter of 2013-2014,
they worked as expected, keeping all the ice and snow buildup off the wiper and allowing the defroster
to keep the window nice and clear while driving. Even during a blizzard at -35c, the heating element was
able to melt the ice away from the squeegee which, although expected, was still a pleasant surprise.
When the temperature began to warm up, I noticed the thermostat worked well and turned the heating
element off above +5c.
The biggest surprise came when I encountered my first rainfall while driving. I watched the water bead off the windshield which made driving in the rain a pleasant experience too.

It’s been almost 10 months since I’ve installed my Thermalblade wipers and they still perform 100%. I
was so pleased with my purchase, I decided to become a distributor in Western Canada. I have sold a
few hundred wipers and all my customers enjoy the same experience while driving. One customer, a
Peace Officer in a rural county, has a set installed on his patrol vehicle. He called me during the first
snow fall and couldn’t believe how the ice and snow simply melted away while his vehicle warmed up
and then stated he looked forward to a “snow day” so he could show them off. He also believes that the
safety of a clear windshield is a must when travelling on the highway enroute to an emergency.
I strongly believe Thermalblade is the best wiper for your vehicle...period. The quality of the parts and
the team behind them are first class.


 Love the product wonderful customer service the owner of the company gave me his cell number to solve a problem with the product on the weekend I would buy these wipers again

Buffalo New York
United States

Untill you have these on you'r car and drive in the kind of snow or ice storms we deal with in this region, you have NO idea how awesome these make a trip. Seriously, SO much safer, and we are so glad to not have to get out every mile to bang off the wipers. 

Glehnam New York
United States

These wipers are great, No more wasting gallons of wiper fluid, great invention.

Parsons, West Virginia

I've thought about buying these for a couple of years and finally did it. Do I ever wish I had done this sooner !! I've stopped every 20-30 minutes to clean my wipers but not anymore.

Enfield, Nova Scotia


Madison, Wisconsin
United States

Nice Design, product works well. Replaceable silicone slides out, less waste, less hassle. I like em.

Ottawa Ontario

Check out this wiper - great for Wisconsin winters. Truck drivers, bus companies, municipal fleets, anybody that does daily driving no matter what the conditions, these blades will keep you safer; so if you know someone that could benefit from a set, send them a link!

Madison Wisconsin
United States

"Most amazing invention of a life time, one snow storm they are worth it!"
After driving a truck with and with out thermalblade wipers I say everyone should invest...Stop the ice build up..

Forked River New Jersey
United States

GREAT! The wipers works well good for snowy days and ice!

Emma Jones
Noremburg Germany

I drive for a living. Sorry I did not have these years ago.. What a difference when I am driving by my fellow drivers and watching them clear the wipers.. I just keep trucking!

Sand Lake Michigan
United States

Even at -30 these Wipers are HOT!

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I live in Michigan. This should have been done long ago. Great design!! Thanks THERMALBLADE

Jason R. Ruggles
Holland, Michigan
United States

Gracias THERMALBLADE! La tenemos nieve hasta aquí en las montañas necesita esta cuchilla limpiadora calienta. estos son grandes!.

San Nicolás de los Arroyos,
Buenos Aires

Loving my new wipers

Edmonton Alberta

American Made.. Love it.

Centre County PA
United States

I'm tired of replacing blades two to three times a year from streaking these are the perfect replacement

Fargo North Dakota
United States

Phenomenal Product, I would have not imagined it would clear my windshield the way it does during nasty storms.

Carey, Ohio
United States

Great idea. They have a good design. Work well.
Baton Rouge Louisiana
United States

Was truly impressed with how these perforformed when we drove through a storm in Indiana and Illinois. There is also this strange effect that happens in the rain… it actually pushes the water off with amazing efficiency, leaving this sheen that makes the water beed up. Great Product. Thank you

Terry & Sue 
United States